Immunology and Public Health

MRSA Ingestion by NeutrophilSpecific cellular defences

Immunology - an overview by Gary Entrican & Sean Wattegedera at the Moredun Research Institute.


Immunology (SSERCmeet)

Professor Gary Entrican of the University of Edinburgh and the Moredun Research Institute recently presented a SSERCmeet on the subject of immunology within the new Higher Human Biology curriculum.  A recording of the SSERCmeet can be viewed here.  In addition a copy of the associated PowerPoint can be accessed here


The transmission and control of infectious diseases

SQA Assignment

SSERC has been involved in the preparation of resource packs to support the Higher Human Biology Assignment.  One of the resources which has been prduced relates to the Ebola virsu and is available from the link below. 


The following will be useful to those with an interest in the Ebola outbreak:

Special Collection (Science, Thursday 18 September 2014).  Given the current outbreak, unprecedented in terms of number of people killed and rapid geographical spread, Science and Science Translational Medicine have made this collection of research and news articles on Ebola viral disease freely available to researchers and the general public.


Access the collection here.


Active immunisation

Vaccines and Vaccination

The aim of these activities is to develop an understanding of immunity and vaccines and the importance of vaccination programmes in general. It also aims to give the pupils information about Human Papilloma Virus and opportunities to discuss some of the resulting issues.


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