Human Cells

human cellsEmphasis is placed on the maintenance of the diploid number of chromosomes in the division of somatic cells and reduction division to the haploid number of chromosomes in gametes from germline cells. Consideration is given to the research and therapeutic value of stem cells and to uncontrolled division of cancer cells providing opportunity to look at wider social issues and the relevance of applied biological science. This Unit recognises the central importance of DNA to cell processes. The emphasis is on the expression of the genotype encoded by DNA into the phenotype of protein structure and function through the mechanisms of transcription and translation. The control and regulation of metabolic pathways is essential to cell function. Metabolism should be seen as a network of connected and integrated pathways with reversible and irreversible steps and alternative routes. The role of genes in coding for enzymes that control and regulate pathways further demonstrates the central importance of DNA and the regulation of gene expression in the cell.



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