Reebops [SSERC]

 Curriculum for Excellence

This activity, with obvious links to reproduction, lends itself to addressing several other draft outcomes:

Science: Second Level – From a range of sources, including my local environment, I can identify and classify examples of living things to help me appreciate their variety. SCN 2-05B

Health and Well Being: Early/First Levels – I recognise that we possess similarities and differences and that we are all unique. HWB 022SS/HWB 123SS

Maths: Second Level – I can conduct simple experiments involving chance and communicate my findings using the vocabulary of probability. MNU 235Y

Background Information

Meiosis is the process whereby eggs and sperm, which contain half the normal number of chromosomes, are formed. This is modelled when each pupil randomly selects half a set of each parent’s chromosomes. Putting these two half sets together models the process of fertilisation. This set of chromosomes determines the baby’s characteristics and thus the Reebop is “conceived”.

A full explanation can be found on the website[1].

Why not try out the Reebop Powerpoint activity [SSERC] (Figure 8) on the website version of Primary Science & Technology Bulletin 46 [3].


Figure 8 – Screenshot from Reebops Powerpoint



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